Progressive Lifestyles at Fina
Fina Employee

Achieving dreams by planning

FINA’s point of difference with other providers is our commitment to planning across all our activities. At FINA, our planning regime is comprehensive, integrated and specific to each individual. We build our care plans after detailed and ongoing consultation with each client and each client’s family. Full, enriched lives don’t just happen, they’re planned.

Personalised nutrition and dietary plans

Nutrition, diet and exercise

At Fina, we understand the importance of exercise and wholesome, nutritional food in a varied and balanced diet. This is especially important for people with one or more disabilities.

Our Executive Chef, Michael Harris, works closely with our clients, their families, dietitians and nutritionists to build personalised nutrition and dietary plans.

We look to replace high-calorie, high-sugar foods with healthier alternatives, with emphasis on seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in the Fina Community Garden.

All our meals and snacks comprise nutrient-dense foods to ensure the right balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins with a focus on keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight.

We plan and work together to achieve our clients’ full potential


My Progressive Lifestyle

“My Progressive Lifestyle”, developed and implemented individually for each client, comprises a 12 week forward plan of seasonally-based activities built around the wishes and aspirations of both the client and his/her family. The activities are reviewed with the client and the staff on a monthly basis and amended if necessary. Each “Progressive Lifestyle” plan is refreshed quarterly with the client and his/her family. Progress is monitored continually (see Fortnight Delivery Planning) and any changes necessary are agreed via meetings with all the stakeholders.


Fortnight Delivery Planning

The Fortnight Delivery Plan converts each client’s “Progressive Lifestyle” plan to specific activities, days, times and sequences. This planning approach ensures the effectiveness of each client’s plan and helps alert our staff to any changes – activities, timings, sequences etc – which might be necessary.