Fina Club

Where things happen. Where things get done.

Fina Club, in the delightful Fina Park, is where people with a disability and their friends and families can participate together in a range of life-affirming activities.

  • Gardening: learn about care, cultivation and composting. Get your hands dirty!
  • Cooking Classes: mixing, blending, measuring – and tasting!
  • Exercise Classes: improve your body, improve your mood!
  • Music Sessions: melody, rhythm, playing and singing!
  • Arts and Crafts: invent, experiment, break the rules, have fun!
  • Excursions and Tours – BBQs in the park, movie nights, trips to the beach – and much more.

Fina Club activities and excursions are always seasonally-based and organised according to the weather and the number of participants.

For information and timetables or ring 07 5428 0155 and ask for Fina Club.

  • Download our Fina club brochures for days, times, activities – in fact, everything you need to know!

Life is a gift - not defined by physical or intellectual disability

To contact the club please phone 07 5428 0155 or complete the form below